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To/Ref. Text [to] Date
Tuition Class X Batch
From 19-July-15 to Mid September,
Time 5:15AM to 6:15AM. [Register by SMS to 9412369641]
Problems/ Revision
(Till August end)

Session 1:

X New Batch 5:15 AM Sun 19th July
X Batch I 6:15 AM Sun 19th July
X Batch II 7:15 AM Sun 19th July
IX 8:15 AM Sun 19th July
X April Batch 5:15 AM Sun 26th July
XII Batch I 6:15 AM Sun 26th July
XII Batch II 7:15 AM Sun 26th July
XI 8:15 AM Sun 26th July
08- July
ISC Accounts Suggested Reading by Prashant Sir 9-Mar
Class IX Revision Questions for Final Examination.
Kindly see Excel & Java theory questions. Also solutions to Previous years Output Questions and All the Page 404 exercise.
ISC  Extra Questions (Not that important) 22- Feb
ISC 5 Practice Papers 20-Feb
ICSE Best answer scripts (Courtesy: Somya or Suhani) To upload
X Computers  Short home/class practice tests 18-Jan
ICSE Practice Papers/Questions. Thanks Swarnima, best part is that you thought about everyone. 15-Jan
X Tagore Prelim II Hindi guidelines from Sadhna ma'am. Thanks Sulaksh for compiling. 24

Much Ado About Nothing Act 2, Scene 1 A short film by Samarth Kharka.

Dec 2014
X Prelim

Revision Questions (Just a checklist, nothing like important)

Revision Batches

Revision (X & XII) and Regular (IX & XI) Batches 
from Sun 21st December, 2014 to Sat 10th January, 2015.

ICSE/ISC ICSE 2015 and ISC-2015 Final Schedule from Council 18-Nov
Class XI Half yearly exams. Revision Guidelines for Half-Yearly Exam. Here 30-Oct
SMS notifications I sent the message to the cell numbers I had of Tagore and Byron. If you want you name/number to be included for such messages. Kindly post it here. 29-Oct
Class X Cyclic Test-1 Guidelines: click-here Sep 2014
Class X Byron JULY Test Marks Aug
ICSE Projects


A Maths Project for reference.    Credit: Venuka
History Project:   Project 1     Project 2. Credit: Sparsh, Arpit
Physics Practical File: File    Credit: Amanjot
May 2014
 X Byron  Class Test Marks  
Class XI practice questions Practice for Final Exam 2014.
Click Here
Mar 2014
Class IX Last 5 years Q Papers 
Udayveer’s effort for the class to type/scan all the papers from bed, overcoming is medical condition. Supported by Twvisham & Vansh. 
Mar 2014
ISC  Solutions of last class1,  class2, please also check Programs Feb
Class X Output Questions Dec 2013
Class X Revision guidelines for I Prelim, 2013 Oct 2013
ISC Accounts from Prashant Sir Oct 2013
Class IX Computer Notes and papers Oct 2013
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All Mail/Text/Contact me if you have clothes, toys, story books etc to donate. Old
Class X & XII ICSE & ISC Official Specimen Papers, Syllabus & Scope 2011 onwards Old
All Analyze you answer scripts Old
All Class Room Body Language in Gallery Old
 Birds' Test Colour Reference to observation/memory test (in  Notes-Others) Old
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